Real Diamond Name Tags
for Dogs & Cats.

Popular Name Tags for Dogs & Cats

Designed & Crafted by Our UK Team of Master Jewellers

Proud members of The National Association of Jewellers
“The Pet’s Jeweller” – Diamond Pets™ are proud to offer the world’s most exclusive and luxurious range of genuine diamond name tags for dogs and cats. Our UK team of Master Jewellers deliver the very best in design and craftsmanship. Our unique products are truly exquisite and something both you and your companion can treasure for a lifetime.

Exceptional, Ethically-Sourced Diamonds

Each of our diamonds is ethically sourced from, and created by, socially and environmentally responsible labs, guaranteeing the highest quality, conflict-free diamonds. Before being set by hand, our in-house UK team of Master Jewellers meticulously inspect every stone under extreme magnification to ensure that our exacting standards have been met. As such our diamonds are colourless, precisely cut to ensure maximum brilliance and are beautifully flawless (VVS+).

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